Safety Guide for Maintaining and Inspecting NZ Safety Nets

Worker inspecting safety net - NZ Safety Nets by EZI Nets

Safety Guide for Maintaining and Inspecting NZ Safety Nets

When it comes to ensuring safety on construction sites and other elevated work areas, safety nets are invaluable tools. They provide a crucial safety measure that catches and protects workers in case of falls, significantly reducing the risk of injuries. However, to maintain their effectiveness, regular maintenance and inspection are essential. In this blog post, we will explore maintenance and inspection guidelines for NZ Safety Nets and EZI Nets, emphasising their importance in ensuring workplace safety.

Ensuring the Integrity of NZ Safety Nets

NZ Safety Nets are designed to save lives, but their effectiveness hinges on their condition. Proper maintenance and regular inspections are key to their integrity.

Safety Nets Installation in Christchurch: For construction projects in Christchurch, where safety is paramount, proper installation and maintenance of NZ Safety Nets are crucial.

A Reputable Safety Net Supplier in Christchurch: EZI Nets, as a reputable safety net supplier in Christchurch, emphasises the importance of maintenance for their products.

Safety Supplies: In addition to safety nets, EZI Nets offers a range of safety supplies to support comprehensive safety measures.

The Role of Construction Safety Net Suppliers

Construction Safety Net Suppliers: Construction safety net suppliers like EZI Nets play a pivotal role in ensuring that safety nets are readily available and adequately maintained for construction projects.

Site Safe Christchurch: EZI Nets’ commitment to safety aligns with Site Safe Christchurch’s mission to promote safe practices in the construction industry.

Residential Safety Nets and Beyond

Residential Safety Nets Lincoln: EZI Nets’ safety solutions extend to residential projects in Lincoln, offering the same level of protection as for larger construction sites.

Fall Safety Netting Rangiora: We operate in Rangiora. Fall safety netting is a critical component of construction safety, ensuring workers are protected while working at heights.

Construction Safety Nets Amberley: In Amberley, construction safety nets are readily available through EZI Nets to enhance safety measures.

Safety Net For Height Work: NZ Safety Nets are designed explicitly for height work, making them indispensable for construction projects.


Q1: Why is it essential to maintain NZ Safety Nets regularly?

A: Regular maintenance ensures that safety nets remain in optimal condition, providing reliable fall protection on construction sites.

Q2: How often should NZ Safety Nets be inspected?

A: Safety nets should be inspected before each use and routinely by a competent person to identify any signs of wear or damage.

Q3: What are common signs of wear or damage to safety nets?

A: Signs of wear may include frayed edges, holes, or tears in the netting. Damaged or worn nets should be repaired or replaced immediately.

Q4: Can safety nets be cleaned, and if so, how should it be done?

A: Yes, safety nets can be cleaned. Use mild detergent and water to clean the netting gently, avoiding abrasive cleaners that may damage the material.

Q5: How should you store safety nets when not in use?

A: Safety nets should be stored in a dry and clean area when not in use. Proper storage helps prevent damage and extends the lifespan of the nets.

Q6: Can safety nets be repaired if they have minor damage?

A: Yes, minor damage can often be repaired by a qualified technician. However, significant damage may require replacement to ensure safety.


Maintaining and inspecting NZ Safety Nets are essential steps to guarantee their reliability on construction sites and other elevated work areas. EZI Nets, as a trusted supplier, emphasises the significance of proper maintenance and offers a range of safety supplies to support comprehensive safety measures.

Investing in safety means prioritising the well-being of workers and the success of your projects. By choosing NZ Safety Nets and following the maintenance and inspection guidelines, you contribute to a safer work environment and a thriving construction industry.


Ensure the integrity of your safety nets: choose EZI Nets, and make safety a top priority on your construction site.